A community that grows together grows together

About the New Urban Farmers

The New Urban Farmers is a non-profit organization that has set out to preserve and restore our environment by creating sustainable agricultural systems in the city. We work to increase healthy food access and nurture minds in the cities of Pawtucket, Central Falls, Warren and surrounding areas by eliminating barriers to healthy food and empowering low-income individuals, families, and at-risk-youth with education and collaboration. We believe a community that grows together, grows together. Bleu is the founder and Co-Director Emily also the Co-Director The New Urban Farmers are the proud recipients of Pawtucket's 2010 John J. Cohn Award; an award for community service and social justice. The New Urban Farmers were visited and given citations by both our state senators, Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse, for the work we do in the community. The New Urban Farmers are proud to be part of the urban farming community here in Rhode Island.

Bleu - is a founder of The Farm Guide, which has since evolved to become The New Urban Farmers – Bleu, a California native - and descendant of Mexican migrant farm workers – Mostly grape farmers who would follow the harvest from South to North - After school Bleu left California in the early 90’s – traveled to Greece to learn about olives – and eventually to France – to work the vineyards – Eventually Bleu became involved in the food and beverage industry which led to the organic farming movement in Rhode Island – Involved with all aspects of the farm – including planting, harvesting, marketing, and cheese monger - It was then that Bleu realised a need for healthy and safe food which could be accessible to everyone. It through the birth of The New Urban Farmers that Bleu hopes to accomplish his goal – by reaching out – one community at a time – breaking stigmas attached to many minority groups – with a natural zest for life and food we foresee many communities welcoming us with open arms.

Emily - is one of the two people who founded the New Urban Farmers. She received her undergraduate degree of Graphic Design and New Media from Johnson & Wales University. Currently Emily mixes her technology skill with her passion for growing food, flowers and all plants. As a member of the New Urban Farmers she hopes to help create urban food system that will help eradicate food deserts in Rhode Island. She hopes through her efforts that social barriers will be broken and healthy safe food will be plentiful for all.

Our Volunteers - Without our volunteers the New Urban Farmers would not be able to do everything that we do. All the helping hands have built garden beds, pulled weeds, and a planted peach tree in our urban community. Together we all can make our cities a greener more sustainable place to be. We've had so many good volunteers give their time, they come from all over the city and the globe! Please check out our Volunteer Page here you can learn more about volunteering with the New Urban Farmers!